Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Strange Design Obsession

I'm not really sure why, but lately I keep looking for ways to incorporate chicken wire into my home decor. Yes, I said chicken wire. I first saw it on one of my favorite blogs, Under the Sycamore. Ashley's work is truly amazing and inspirational. Here is a picture of her chicken wire wall...

An entire chicken wire wall is a bit much for me personally, but on a smaller scale I'm totally loving the texture it creates. I'm contemplating using it in two different ways in the near future. First, I'd like to take a section of Charlotte's playroom wall and cover a framed section in chicken wire to use for displaying her artwork.

The second way that I'm considering using the chicken wire is for a hanging jewelry organizer. I don't have a ton of jewelry but for the little I do have I think it would look great displayed on framed chicken wire.

What are your feelings on chicken wire? Would you incorporate chicken wire into your home decor or is it too quirky for you?


  1. Interesting, would love to see what it looks like in person!!

  2. Love the art work idea for Charlie's room!

  3. i'm a new follower and was just browsing through! i think it's funny that you have ashley ann's chickenwire bed wall! i love her blog and check it everyday!! (even on the weekends in case she does a surprise post!) come over and take a peek at my blog http://crayonfreckles.blogspot.com