Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Accidental Haggler

I want to apologize in advance for anyone who is dropping by to see the Before & After I mentioned in my last post. I decided to make some changes and wasn't able to finish in time. Next time though! I'm putting the finishing touches on it tonight! Now onto how I became an Accidental Haggler.

For a couple of months there have been antique windows sitting outside the back of a bike shop next to the Dunkin Donuts that I frequent by my work. Each morning I would sit in line at the drive thru wondering what the shop was planning to do with them. For weeks they sat there untouched. Finally, one day, several weeks ago I worked up the courage to go in and ask the Store Owner what his plans were for them. His response was this, “I sell them to antique collectors and artists. Do you fit either of those criteria?” My response was this, “Uh, sort of?” I wouldn't call myself either of those things but I wanted these bad boys in the worst way.

Despite my unconvincing response he took me out back to show me the goods. He asked me what my plans were for them and rather than spouting off the ridiculously, erratic list of ideas in my head I simply told him I planned to use them for a headboard. He seemed pleased with my answer. I asked him how much he wanted for them and he told me that he typically sold them for $25 a piece. My heart crumbled. I told him that was more than my budget would allow me to spend, swept my heart up off the floor and turned to walk out. I was not trying to talk him down because I didn’t think he would go for it. I wanted 5 windows which would have cost me $125.

Then a miracle happened. Okay, maybe not a miracle but something really exciting! He asked me how much I could afford to give him. I told him 5 bucks a window and he AGREED! He told me he was in a good mood and I could take 5 windows home for $25 dollars. I wanted to squeeze him but I held my composure, handed him the money and loaded my pretties into the back of my truck. Once I was in my truck I nearly had to pinch myself because I could not believe what had just happened. I haggled! Well, sort of. It wasn’t on purpose but he dropped his price $100 and now they are mine all mine! I haven’t decided what I’m really going to use them for but I have seen lots of ideas and have a few of my own.

 Seating Chart via Brenda's Wedding Blog

Mirror via Crafty Nest

 Chalkboard via Cottage Life

Jewelry Board via The Borrowed Abode

What do you thnk? What would you do with them? I have some other ideas in mind but I'm not sure if they'll work out or not. We shall see! :)

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