Monday, March 7, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

Yesterday I finally decided to dive into redoing the kitchen. My peanut had laid down for a nap and I began pestering my husband with things like "Come on, let's just go take that one cabinet down. It needs to come down anyways." After a few minutes I got him in there. I'll share pictures later as to the state of array that my kitchen is currently in. I don't intend on this being a major renovation but it's definitely going to take time and alot of work. So far all that has happened is a few cabinets came down along with pieces of the hideous laminate backsplash. As for what I am aiming to achieve with this makeover I'm thinking something along the lines of an Eclectic Country Kitchen. Here are some of the images that are currently inspiring me....

I am absolutely loving the vibrant colors against the clean white walls. Open shelving is definitely on the wish list for our kitchen.

I love the paneling behind the open shelving on this one. I'm also loving the stainless accents and chalkboards!

Again, I'm completely envious of the paneling and open shelving combination. Another feature I'm dying to have in my kitchen is butcher block countertops.

By now you're probably noticing a open shelving trend. The under counter baskets are another item on my wish list.

What are your opinions on open shelving? Do you love it or hate or scared to try it?

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