Thursday, March 17, 2011

Window Pain

My name is Danielle and I am afraid of window treatments. It may sound ridiculous but I truly struggle with choosing window treatments for our home. We have lived in our house for ten months now and there are only two sets of windows in the house that have any form of coverings. Actually, scratch that. There are three but the third set is only because the previous owners left their curtains and I never took them down. I don't think that should count towards my total.

Charlotte's room has paper blinds. I think a cute patootie like her should have something way more adorable and then white paper blinds that are too long for her window. They honestly hang there, taunting me with there blandness. Aside from Charlotte's room there is our living room. The living room isn't much better. There are currently two unadorned drop cloths hanging awkwardly from a rod with not nearly enough ring clips. I'd show you pictures but I'm too embarassed.

Someday I will get around to dressing up all our windows in a way that shows off there beauty but for now I'm focused on one window and one window only. Our kitchen window. With the kitchen upgrades that I'm working on I want to have a plan for my window treatments. I don't want something too heavy. Just something small and flirty that adds some color to the space. Here are a few pictures of kitchen window treatments that have been inspiring me...

(Source: Woman's Day)

(Source: The Kitchn)

(Source: Country Living)

(Source: Southern Living)

(Source: Southern Living)

I'm not sure what I'll end up with but I'm really liking the idea of using bright patterned cloth napkins or towels as cafe curtains. Or who knows I could take a chance at conjuring up some curtains myself.

Help me out! What types of window treatments do you like to use in the kitchen?

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  1. hey danielle! i used this tutorial to repurpose some crappy mini blinds that came with my house, and i really liked the result. check it out-