Monday, March 21, 2011

Before & After: Timber!

Happy Monday Everyone! I'm so excited to share pictures of some of the happenings around my house over the weekend! On Saturday, my parents stopped by on there way to Lowe's and I couldn't resist tagging along to pick up some supplies for a refinishing job I plan to start this week. On my way home I called Hubby to see what he was up to. Our conversation went something like this...

Me - "Hey, what are you doing?"
Hubby - "Just getting some stuff done outside."
Me - "Alright, I'll be home in a few minutes."

I was thrilled that some outside work was getting done. Boy was I in for a surprise! I came home to this...

What are they looking at?

That would be my Hubby up in a tree!

Our front yard has been the home to two very old and ugly, dead pine trees but while I was out Jeff recruited two of his friends to help take them down. (Don't worry they have experience!). These trees were old, tall, and completely scary on windy days. I am loving this "Before & After" because we no longer have to worry about these trees crushing our Home Sweet Home!



That is much better if you ask me! And now, because I couldn't resist, here are a few snapshots of my babies from this weekend!

Aren't they cute?! I think so! :)

Check back in tomorrow for an update on my kitchen! :)

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