Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In Your Face Blue

When we purchased our house there was one room that I could not wait to renovate. For the first couple of weeks that we lived here the door stayed shut and it sat unused and shut off from my home. It was our half bath. It was awful. It was blue from floor to ceiling. I'm talking blue toilet, blue sink, blue walls, blue ceiling, the whole nine yards. I could not stand it! When people would come over to the house to check it out for the first time I was constantly making comments that sounded like this, "And this is the half bath. We're going to redo the whole thing. It's really bad." I'm not sure why it irritated me so much because I surely had seen worse but now that it has been months since I have had to stare at that blue toilet I am thrilled to look at how it was before and compare it to the after. This is what I was dealing with before...

I should also mention that residing on the wall behind the toilet was this ceiling height shelving unit along with some weird metal racks hanging off of the side of the toilet. I'm not really sure what someone would hang off of the side of a toilet but perhaps it was for reading material. I can only imagine. But without further ado this is my lovely half bath now...

The color appears much more pink when photgraphed. The color is actually called "Bellegrove Rose" from Valspars paint line. I actually decided on this color after a really rash decision of wanting to paint it red. It was awful. Needless to say I made a quick trip to Lowe's to pick up this lovely shade. I think my favorite part about this color was explaining it to my husband. I was afraid to tell him that it was pink so I kept telling him it was along the lines of a dusty rose sort of color. I did not lie. That is truly what it is. I just didn't want to slip and say the word pink because I'm not sure he would have liked the idea too much. I should also mention that my husband is color blind so he does not see colors in the true light.

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  3. What a great redo!! and I love the color!

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